Sport is important at Vickerstown School and we strive
to achieve the physical potential of every child and develop their confidence to contribute to the health and well-being of themselves and others within the school and local community.

Two hours per week are allocated for PE to maximise the learning opportunities for children and to meet our statutory obligations for the successful delivery of the National Curriculum.  Equal time is spent on games, dance and gymnastics over the course of the year.  Children will also access swimming for one term every year from year 1 to year 5.  All activities will be differentiated according to need providing equity of provision regardless of ability. The promotion of self-esteem and self-confidence will be central in all our delivery.

The curriculum will be presented in such a way as to engage children in a range of activities that fully support whole school development (and within it, other curriculum areas).  Children will learn through being physically active.  Problem solving, communication skills, leadership, organisation ability, literacy, numeracy and science (to identify a few examples) all have a place within Physical Education.  These will be key in developing children’s community and life skills as well as a deeper understanding of different subject areas.

Please see the link in the documents section of our 'Parents Information' page to the breakdown of how school intends to utilise the Primary School's Sports Fund. 


Extra-curricular sporting clubs on offer throughout the year include football, athletics, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, orienteering, netball, rounders, Triathlon.


Every year the children take part in sports day and competing for their house colour.  All children are encouraged to take part and contribute to their teams achievements.