School Councillors

Vickerstown School Council is made up from 2 members of each class from Year 1 - Year 6. They represent their peers suggestions and ideas.

As a council we discuss ideas to improve our school environment. 


Y1 Y2 Y3
Y4 Y5 Y6
    Sports Council Rep    
School Council Activites 
School pupils donated 303 items of food for our Harvest Festival. The School Councillors shared these donations amongst families in our school community, the Spring Mount (Walney) Foodbank and the Furness Homeless Support Group.
School Councillors visited the Spring Mount (Walney) Foodbank with donations of food for families in our local commununity.   Donations were given to the wider community: we have been supoprting Furness Homeless Support Group for several years. They were delighted with our food donations.


Our Vision

We aim to provide an outstanding education in the heart of the community and as such we make every effort that the children at Vickerstown have the best academic start and grounding possible to enable them to become successful members of society.