Class Teacher: Miss Sarah Leahy


Reading – Children are expected to read at home at least 5 times a week. They will have the opportunity to read to an adult in school at least twice a week. A Book Worm certificate is awarded to children who read 5 or more times a week.


Children have access to this website in Reception to help enhance their learning journey. Each child will have their own log in details and can also access the site at home. Please click on the picture to be taken to the website.

Curriculum Overview
  Autumn 1  Fantasy Autumn 2  Traditional Tales Spring 1  Dinosaurs Spring 2 Growth Summer 1 Space Summer 2 Castles
Literacy Names/Initials letters
Little Monster did it
Journeys – Bear Hunt
Fantasy/Lists – Meerkat Mail
Animal Facts – Meerkat Mail
Fantasy/Penguins- Penguin small
Poetry – Emperors Egg
Traditional Tales- Little red riding hood & Gingerbread Man & 3 Billy Goats
Caterpillar shoes – Literacy Shed

Xmas – The Christmas Present & Xmas Story
Dino Facts/info book
Tiny – dragon Lit Shed
Tiny dragon picture
Fantasy/settings- Harry and dinosaurs
Dino Poetry – 10 dinosaurs on a trip
Poetry Crocs/Alligators – snap
Mary had a crocodile
Growth – Hungry Caterpillar
Assessment week/assembly prep week
Hungry Caterpillar Easter
Non-fiction – Aliens
Love Underpants
Instructions and Label – Rockets
Fiction – Beegu
Fiction – Man on the Moon
Poetry – Alien Poems, Lists, Recipes  and Invitations – Q Pootle 5
Letters – Cinderella and Letters
Story writing – Cinderella
Captions and Labels
Stories – Dragon machine
Poetry – Dragon Poems
Fiction – Laura Star
Numeracy Counting, order numbers, matching numerals to quantities, 2D shape, repeating patterns, adding partition 5, count fixed objects, count back, length and height, use non-standard units, 3D shape, days of the week, time – minutes Addition on a number line, add 1 more, 3D shape, ordinal numbers, estimate and count, order numbers, order events, number bonds to 10, count back/subtraction, read and compare numbers to 20, money, recite numbers, count objects Days of the week, time, record numbers, double and half, capacity, count on, addition, count back, count in 2s, 3D shape, direction, money, subtraction, division, more/less
Science Natural world/Environment

Animals including humans Plants, growth, decay and changes Materials Space
PE Moving our bodies
Ball skills
Ball Skills
Yo kids
Playground games Tennis
Playground games
Oneside sports
Sports day prep
Expressive Arts Self Portraits
Fractured Pictures
Transport Painting
Magic Writing
Colour mixing Habitat
Penguins and Polar bears
Diwali Lamps
Rangoli Patterns
Mehndi Patterns
Cooking St Nicolas glass biscuits
Christmas Art
Christmas Art
New Year Celebration Painting
Dinosaur Mask
Dinosaur Fossils
Dinosaur Biscuits
Dinosaur Puppet Design
Making Puppets
Own Portraits
Making an egg
Out of the egg
Butterfly painting
Rocking Chicks
Design a rocket
Make a rocket
Making stars (straws)
Spaceman and flying saucers
Moon art
Coat of arms
Design a castle
Make a castle

Fantasy castles
Jester’s Hat
Handprint dragons
Fire breathing dragons
UW/PSHE Us as babies
Our School
Animal Travel
Animal Habitat
Animals Around the world
Hemisphere Top, Middle and Bottom
Christianity – Christenings
Light and Shadow
Poppy Day Gingerbread people
Star Making
The meaning of xmas
Christmas Is Special to me because……
New Year Resolutions
Dinosaur Facts
Guess the Dinosaur
Dinosaurs today
Animal mother and baby
Animals that lay eggs
Where does food come from
Chocolate nests
Planet facts
Stars and gases
Moon facts
Phases of the moon
Castle Facts and labelling
Castle Pelmanism Biscuit towers
Different Kinds of castles
Kamodo Dragons
How to train your dragon
Year end reflection

P.E. Overview 2019 - 2020
  Autumn Spring Summer
1 2 1 2 1 2
Reception Moving in different ways
Ball Skills
Ball Skills
Yo Kids
Travelling/Playground Games
------------------------Limitless Dance
Tennis – Gary Weatherburn
------------------------Playground Games
Sports Day Training
-----------------------Onside Sports – Multi-Sports
Parachute Games



Our Vision

We aim to provide an outstanding education in the heart of the community and as such we make every effort that the children at Vickerstown have the best academic start and grounding possible to enable them to become successful members of society.