Key stage 2 at Vickerstown continues the ethos and development created by Key stage one staff. We pride ourselves in nurturing and encouraging, independent and inquisitive learners who tackle all areas of the curriculum with enthusiasm.

We do all of this while not losing sight of the fact that school should also be exciting and fun. All classes in KS2 have opportunities for over-night residential trips which run alongside and enhance the classroom experience. We use cutting edge technology within school to provide children with access to resources and information from all over the world at the touch of a button.

Our approach to learning involves a child centred, skills based curriculum whereby every child is a teacher and pupil, this focuses on cross-subject themes which incorporate English, History, Geography, technology, R.E. and the arts. These areas are taught through a variety of topics including those which appear predominately humanities based. Children are taught the fundamental skills required to become an independent learner which, in turn, eventually creates an easy transition into secondary school. Key stage two creates a community of children who share their learning through whole school presentations and shared learning groups. Other subjects such as  P.E. Maths, Science and languages are taught as stand-alone subjects. These subjects are again taught with focused learning objectives, made for purpose resources and a thoroughly modern learning environment.

Children at Vickerstown expect to improve, day by day, week by week and year by year.

This thirst for improvement ensures that staff and children alike are constantly searching for knowledge and discovery. We see learning as a journey whereby everybody gains from the experience. We ensure that everyone at Vickerstown is aware, no matter what their age, that a sociable, questioning, independent learner is what we all strive to be.

KS 2 Results

Overall L5+
Reading 89% 50%
Writing 85% 39%
Maths 86% 50%