In Key Stage One at Vickerstown Primary School, the emphasis is on learning through play and practical activity continues and gradually becomes more formal as the children progress.

In literacy there is a strong emphasis on speaking and listening as this provides the basis for accurate reading and writing. All children have direct phonics teaching each day from the Letters and Sounds programme, this provides them with opportunities to learn and practice letters sounds and names and to say, read and write the blends which will enable them to read and write fluently.  The children are encouraged to read at home each day and in school they have guided reading activities which enable them to develop the comprehension skills of inference and deduction. The children also have the opportunity to read a variety of high quality texts as a class.  In writing the children learn to form all letters correctly and to write for a variety of purposes and audiences.  The children have weekly spelling s to learn at home.

In mathematics, the children learn to count, order read and write numbers of increasing size.  They work on practical and simple written problems using the four operations and also some of their early times tables.  Practical activities across all areas are provided to develop understanding, this includes activities involving  all types of measurement.  Problem solving skills are developed.  Parents/carers are encouraged to support their children with real life maths activities such as those involved in activities such as shopping and baking.

In physical education the children have the opportunities for a wide variety of activities to develop physical skills in games, gymnastics and dance. The children also have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons with school.
Many curriculum  areas are taught through a thematic approach and themes taught across key stage one include dungeons and dragons, treasure, world kitchen, explorers, Jurassic forest and seaside rescue. A variety of visits out of school take place to enrich learning.

The emphasis in all areas is on enjoyment and engagement and parents and carers are encouraged to support their children’s learning in any way possible.