Friends of Vickerstown

Registered Charity Number: 1182741

Hello from the Friends of Vickerstown!

The Friends of Vickerstown is a small group of parents, carers, relatives and staff. Our aim is to raise funds through holding regular annual events such as the Christmas Fayre, Quiz Night and Coniston to Barrow walk, Raffles etc. We help fund events and treats for the children as well as providing specific resources for use by the children in school.  These extra treats are outside of the school budget and contribute to the children leaving Vickerstown with many happy memories. 

The Friends of Vickerstown were a little quiet over the past year or so due to the circumstances out of our control.  Whilst we haven’t been able to do our usual fund raising, we have still been able to do a lot for school using the money you had contributed to.  We purchased food trollies, donated money towards the upkeep of the school bus, paid for some fencing around the rainbow room, paid for geography resources, organised and paid for the whole school Christmas Panto, bought every child an Easter Egg, supplied treats at Halloween as well as ensuring our two Year 6 Leavers classes got a special treat which was dependent upon the restrictions at the time.  We also topped up some funding received from the BAE Systems GIVE AS YOU EARN SCHEME which bought a mobile hoist.

All of this is only possible due to the invaluable donations, support and help of parents and staff.  This year we would like to do more fundraising which is currently being planned.  We are hoping to do something for Halloween and will do some fund raising at Christmas.  We also hope that we will be able to hold our very popular quiz night next year. 

As children leave, unfortunately we lose parents from the team. We always need team members, otherwise we struggle to maintain what we do or bring bigger ideas.  If you think you could help out in any way, please come and join the team. 

If you would like to help out, with no commitments, please email the address below or message our facebook page.  We have an AGM meeting coming up (3rd November 2021 at The King Alfred). Please come and join us. We would like to stress that involvement in Friends of Vickerstown is completely casual and no one is expected to help at all events, any time or support you can give will always be appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Friends of Vickerstown Team


Our Vision

We aim to provide an outstanding education in the heart of the community and as such we make every effort that the children at Vickerstown have the best academic start and grounding possible to enable them to become successful members of society.