School Governors

Here at Vickerstown School decisions regarding the running of the school are made by a board of governors. The board meets at least once a month to discuss current matters affecting the school including finance, staffing, curriculum, community and welfare. The board of governors is made up of teachers, parents and council and community representatives. Each bring their own views to the meetings, but share a common view, with teaching staff, of what we are working towards at Vickerstown.

GOVERNOR                                                   RE-ELECTION DATE


Mrs Michelle Phizacklea                                                               N/A


Mr David Holmes                                                                           01 January 2018


Mrs Helen Smith     (Also Governor at Bram Longstaffe)             16 September 2019

Mrs Sarah Guest                                                                           16 September 2019


 Mrs Paula Johnson                                                                      08 July 2018

Mr Andy Jones-Barnes                                                                 08 July 2018

Mr Mike Macauley (CHAIR)                                                          01 December 2017




Mrs Jackie Furness                                                                        N/A


13.01.16 Mike Macauley, David Holmes
10.02.16 Rachel Flanders, Sarah Guest, Helen Atkinson
09.03.16 Andy Jones-Barnes, Paula Johnson, Sharon Galloway, Helen Atkinson
20.04.16 Paula Johnson, Sharon Galloway, Helen Atkinson, Sarah Guest, David Holmes 
11.05.16 Mike Macauley, Rachel Flanders, Helen Atkinson
19.07.16 Paula Johnson, David Holmes, Helen Atkinson
12.10.16 Rachel Flanders
16.11.16 Michelle Phizacklea, Paula Johnson, Sarah Guest
18.01.17 Paula Johnson, Sarah Guest, Helen Smith, Rachel Flanders
08.02.17 Paula Johnson, Sarah Guest, Rachel flanders
15.03.17 Sarah Guest, Rachel flanders, Sharon Galloway, David Holmes
10.05.17 Mike Macaulay, Sarah Guest, Rachel Flanders
12.07.17 Michelle Phizacklea, David Holmes, Sarah Guest, Rachel Flanders

No one absent

 Vickerstown Governors do not have committee meetings, but hold monthly full Governors meetings, usually on the second Wednesday of the month (during term-time) 

The chair of the governors is available to meet with parents to discuss any issues they have. If you have any questions which you would like to bring to the governors attention, please contact Mrs J Furness ( or 01229 471350) who may be approached in complete confidence.